A father and daughter painting their house together.

How To Clean Paint Brushes: Bringing Your Brushes Back To Life

As a painter for over 15 years, I've learned that cleaning my paint brushes is essential and that a high-quality paintbrush is an absolute...
How long does it take to paint a room

How Long Does It Take To Paint A Room

One question I get asked over and over is "How long does it take to paint a room?". I get asked this question from potential...

How To Spray and Repair Popcorn Ceiling Texture

Love it or hate it, many homes have the traditional popcorn ceiling texture, its cheap and it does the trick. What many people don't...
Room with painted baseboard

How To Paint Baseboards

Do you love the look of painted baseboards but currently have oak, pine or some other wood in your home? Not to worry, painting your...
Brown Clawfoot Bathtub

How To Paint A Bathtub Yourself – A Complete DIY Guide

Bathtubs get old. Just like the walls, cabinets, furniture and other things around your house, bathtubs can get scratches, dings and discoloration over time....
How To Paint A Popcorn Ceiling

How To Paint Popcorn Ceilings

Whether it’s from cooking, spider webs, old paint jobs or something else entirely, ceilings get dark and dirty and need to be repainted. You...

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